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How to get the Best Payouts in iGaming

“The higher sums of money you bet, the more chance you have of landing big wins.” This misconception associated with iGaming should be clarified because we notice that some people go bankrupt although they wagered large amounts of money. In fact, in the online gaming sector, instead of making a big deposit in the Best […]

How a Few Dollars May Bring Millions at Online Casinos?

In recent years, online casinos are in high demand among gamblers, who lost the opportunity to visit their favorite gambling resorts due to the pandemic. They switched to online casinos to keep fit and not to lose their skills obtained in real games. They majorly focus on live dealer games, and online poker, which allows […]

“Dark Dice” D&D Podcast Gains Jeff Goldblum as Balmur!

We are pretty damn delighted to share the news that the one and only Jeff Goldblum is joining Dark Dice! The horror actual-play Dungeons & Dragons podcast uses immersive soundscapes to create an added layer of immersion for 6 players. Goldblum will appear as Elven sorcerer Balmur in an upcoming episode. 2021’s season, titled The […]

Racecourse Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Aintree

Aintree hosts the ultimate jump racing challenge where forty jockeys and their horses take on the popular 30 Grand National fences. The course is four and a half miles, where the winner takes home £1 million. If you are looking forward to a horse racing event this year, you don’t want to miss Aintree’s Grand […]

7 Ways Escape Games Give the Brain a Boost

Between 2014 and 2018, the number of escape rooms in the US blossomed from a mere 24 to over 2,300. More and more Americans are finding delight in the puzzles, teamwork, and safe but palpable pressure of solving an escape room’s mystery. Did you know that escape games are more than just a fun way […]

What Is The Most Viewed Esports Event?

With all the esports out there, which one do people actually want to watch the most?  Esports has become incredibly popular. Millions of people tune into the hottest competitions of each season. More people watch esports each year, setting insane viewership records. Considering how easy it is to watch esports events (being online) and the […]

Gamer’s History of “Nier:” The Improbable Fall and Rise of a Franchise

Some video games have complex histories that aren’t really all that complicated when you break them down. “Duke Nukem Forever” spent over a decade in development but basically just changed hands from developer-to-developer time after time. “Secret of Mana” was originally supposed to be a Nintendo PlayStation game from when Sony and Nintendo were forming […]

Best Video Game Movies of All Time

Some people argue that movies based on video games aren’t good. Probably, these people have only seen cheap and lame 90s movies based on PC games. The good news is that even within the 90s collection there are gems of movies. But today, the situation has changed. Thanks to modern technologies and the ability to […]