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Dell Vs. Lenovo Laptops: A Guide On Finding The Better Buy

First, Determine What Your Precise Buying Factors AreAre you using the Lenovo for coding, or are you using it for word processing? Are you using the Dell for gaming, for video editing, or for music mixing? Are you using whatever new computer you’re planning to buy for all those things and then some? If you […]

5 Ways Technology Has Made Life Easy for Us

Technology has managed to be a part in every aspect of our life. Modern age could not even imagine what the world would be without technology. With each passing day, technology branches more permanently in our lives.  Our daily routine has been digitised in all the domains. Whether it’s communicating with someone on the edge […]

VPN Alternatives and Why to Consider Them

One of the most common online security tools, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have become pervasive in recent times as individuals and businesses work to ensure their cybersecurity.  As technology advances, however, new vulnerabilities are exposed, leading to exploitation by hackers, followed by new developments in cybersecurity by experts.  The VPN Dilemma VPNs have been around […]

Ways To Save With Solar Power

There are multiple avenues of financial viability when it comes to switching your energy source to solar. Though the installation of a solar power system requires an investment up front, the return on that investment is nothing short of noteworthy. By supplying your home or business with your own store of electricity — and not […]

How Roller Coasters are Made

Amusement parks are an important pastime for people all over the world. Whether it’s a vacation to Disneyland or the annual trip to the state fair, people love carnival rides, fun events, and fried food. Most people never stop to consider how much of a mechanical feat many of these rides are, so if you […]

Florida Women Impersonate Grannies to get Vaccines

Two Florida women, aged 34 and 44, impersonated grandmothers with glasses and bonnets in order to receive Covid-19 vaccines. They were successful, too, as the pair were able to get their first round of shots. The problem arose when they returned for the second shot, also wearing their disguises. This time the costumes didn’t fool […]