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Underrated Actor Spotlight Time: Rachel Weisz

Not only do I get to learn a lot about actors and their careers in this series, I am also privy to unrelated discoveries that send me down a whole different type of rabbit hole. Highlighting Rachel Weisz this week as our underrated actor has done just that. What I discovered was that after her […]

Straight from The Devil Himself: Is “Constantine 2” Happening?!

It’s been 15 years since Keanu Reeves delved into the comic book character of demon hunter John Constantine in Francis Lawrence‘s “Constantine” film, and maybe it’s high time for that long-rumored sequel. If you’ll recall, during the anniversary panel for the film during SDCC at home 2020, Lawrence and Reeves both spoke to the likelihood […]

Would Keanu Reeves Play Constantine Again?

Believe it or not, at one point in time comic book movies were simply movies. Standalone features, the only cinematic universes they shared were their respective sequels… if they were fortunate enough to get one. Life prior to the MCU and DCEU was incredibly interesting. Don’t get me wrong, studios put headliners like Batman, or […]

Easy Memorial Day Vacation Tips

Hey guys, Memorial Day is upon us! It’s an awesome holiday for anyone who doesn’t work in hospitality, retail, restaurants, movie theaters or local news! For you guys, it will be one of the worst weekends of the year! Right up there with Black Friday and Labor Day, a day that ironically is supposed to […]