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Heroes Have Fallen: Dceased Issue 3

The World Continues To Fall Apart As the Techno Virus Continues to Reign This New issue of DCeased feels like an Intermediary one, leading towards the next devastating realization this story tends to drop. We open with Alfred Pennyworth, leaving the bodies of his dead sons behind as he walks towards the unstable world festering […]

A new Lantern vs Zombies in DCeased

Welcome to the Killjoy Corps More often than not, when you have a killer concept and a fantastic opening, the second issue can foretell the success of a story. With the Latest Issue of Dceased, It’s clear that this issue is the transitional piece that’ll lead us deeper into this fantastical abyss. We start off […]

Dceased is Here to Kill Off Every Hero You Love

Probably … We’re expecting the Game of Thrones Writers to tell Dceased to Calm Down When adapting the iconography of Dc Heroes , it can be difficult to bring a fresh and impactful take on characters that have been adapted for decades. Released today, Dceased has given new weight to the term “ Going Viral” […]